About Us

photo of trailThe Kokosing Gap Trail is overseen by a 12-member volunteer board that was appointed by the Knox County Commissioners in 1987. This board is responsible for all day-to-day maintenance and special projects on the Trail and must raise its own funds.

The Trail board received its non-profit 501(c)(3) status in
1989. Since 1990, this group of people, along with many other volunteers, have used gifts and donations to enhance the park with improvements such as rest rooms, water fountains, parking lots, benches, a playground and a restored steam locomotive and caboose.

Donations also have been used to purchase maintenance supplies and equipment and volunteers have built a storage building to house the equipment. Work on the Trail is performed year-round. If you would like to help us or make a gift, please go to the Contact Us page for our address.

Your support will be greatly appreciated,